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Warning! windows 11 home activation key cannot be used for upgrading to windows 11 home or any other version!

If you encounter any issues during activation, please contact us.


Note: If you do not own an installation DVD or USB drive, please download the respective system setup file (installation media) from the official Microsoft website, HERE.

More information about installation you can find in delivery email.

Purchase windows 11 activation key and install it on your PC! Purchase Windows 11 Home from BuyPcSoftware s and save money! The latest version of the most acknowledged Microsoft OS is finally here. Windows 11 is a complete overhaul both for its features and its look, offering users cutting-edge functionality to optimize your PC’s resources and maximize your gaming experience. Enjoy the improved integration with Microsoft Xbox Game Pass Services. Entertainment, content creation, as well as professional tasks, are brought to the next level: leverage the new hardware technologies such as DirectStorage to optimize loading times and performance with your favorite games, and enjoy the full support for the latest Microsoft Office 2021 suites, so you’ll get everything done quickly and with no effort! Even in this private user-focused edition, Windows 11 Home, Microsoft didn’t step back when it comes to security, by leveraging technologies like TPM chips on modern motherboards. Speaking of new features, here’s an overview of the key benefits you’ll get:

– New desktop: Fluent Design ensures a more organic layout for icons and the Start Menu (which is now centered on the new dock), rounded windows, and optimized UI providing a better experience with touch screens – Direct Storage to optimize data flows and maximize the performance during your gaming sessions – Developer and creator features, to better monetize your activities – Full compatibility with current software, including the top antiviruses and Microsoft Office 2019 & Office 365 suites – Modern interface for disk and partition management, right from the Settings menu – Enhanced tablet mode – Snap Layout & Snap Groups, allowing you to better arrange windows and manage all the running apps. – Light & Dark Mode to optimize your viewing experience wherever you are – Widgets with dynamic, IA-based features – Now you can use your favorite Android apps! Just download them from the Microsoft Store and use them just like any other app on your machine Windows 11 Home is a service-focused operating system and will ensure an optimized user experience, with stronger security and cutting-edge technologies. . For the safety of your device we always recommend the installation of an Antivirus, you can choose your Antivirus

Download and activate Windows 11 Home in a few seconds Buy and download Windows 11 Home within a few seconds from your purchase, follow the instructions and install your new Microsoft Operating System right away. This is made possible by digital delivery, BuyPcSoftware s business model to provide you with bargain-priced products, immediate delivery, and activation within a few instants from your checkout. All orders are completed via secure and tracked payment methods, for your peace of mind! Order your Windows 11 Home activation key with confidence and don’t worry! You’re also covered by our money-back warranty. Read our feedbacks to see more about BuyPcSoftware s experience! As you’ll save over the MSRP, you’ll also avoid any waiting times or other inconvenience: you’ll immediately receive a 100% genuine Windows 11 Home license, with clear and accurate instructions, as well as an official download link. In case of doubt or questions, your technical assistance is always at your disposal.

Choose Windows 11 Home in digital delivery, it’s your best option! BuyPcSoftware s is an eco-friendly company, and we truly believe in the digital world – by combining these two visions, we offer Premium products like Windows 11 Home without the need to physically deliver them. By doing so, you can enjoy real-time delivery, as well as contribute to protecting the environment. No couriers, no exhaust gases, no polluting packaging. We’re a green company!. Once I order my Windows 11 Home license from BuyPcSoftware s, what can I expect? You’ll be saving significantly over windows 11 activation key MSRP, and you’ll get an email with everything you need to download, install, and activate Windows 11 Home on your PC. – Your windows 11 product key (1 license for a single user) – Official download link for Windows 11 Home ISO file – Clear and concise instructions on how to download, install, and activate Windows 11 Home


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