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Supporting the global environment we supply all software as digital downloads only. How can you participate?

We all can be part of the solution. Digital downloads are the "green" answer to demanding fewer resources for your computer's needs. What you get is software with an environmental footprint of zero while still staying up-to-date.

Digital downloads are one part of the larger trend in making our lives - both professional and personal - cleaner, more efficient, and better. Continue reading to see what else you can do to improve your green computing.

Limit screen-saver use. A screen saver does not save energy. In fact, more often than not, a screen saver not only will draw power for the monitor, but also will keep the CPU from shutting down. Instead, set your computer to turn off the monitor first, then go into standby mode after a longer period of inactivity.

Disconnect your Virtual Private Network (VPN) when not actively using your corporate network. Being connected may limit your system's ability to enter standby mode.

Many popular computer games and other third party software packages that run in the background will not allow the computer to go to sleep - even if they are paused or the active window is minimized.

Some web sites or pages that have active banners and or animated advertisements will not allow the computer to sleep on its own and must be closed, or the computer put manually into a sleep state.

Enabled power management to place your monitor, hard drives and computer into a low-power "sleep" mode after a period of inactivity.

Monitor/display sleep: Turn off after 15 minutes or less

Turn off hard drives/hard disk sleep: 15 minutes or less

System standby/sleep: After 30 minutes or less

Advanced users may wish to establish multiple power schemes to address different usage models. For example, you can create a power scheme for playing music CDs that shuts off your hard drive and monitor immediately, but never puts your system into standby mode.

To further reduce power consumption, turn off computing and peripheral devices that are not being used or being used for an extended period of time such as overnight.

Plug all your electronics into one surge protector, so you can easily switch them all off when you leave the room or go to sleep. Most power supplies (such as your cell phone charger) continue to draw power and generate heat even when not attached to a device.
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Adobe Creative Suite 5 Master Collection Student and Teacher Edition
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English, Nederlands, français, Deutsch, magyar, italiano, 日本語, polski, português, română, русский, español, svenska, Türkçe
Available: 10+
Tell your story from start to finish with one comprehensive offering. Adobe® Creative Suite® 5 Master Collection software enables you to design and develop amazing work, collaborate effectively, and deliver virtually anywhere.
Extend your creative reach
Craft a corporate identity using Illustrator CS5 to engage your audience online. Use new Flash Catalyst CS5 to make it part of an expressive, interactive interface without writing code.
Design and deliver immersive experiences
Use Flash Professional CS5 to engage your audience with microsites and casual games that present your designs consistently across desktops, browsers, and mobile devices.
Take your story to any screen
Enhance HD video productions with high-resolution imagery from Photoshop CS5 Extended. Add intricate effects using After Effects CS5, and edit dramatically faster in Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.

Included Products

Adobe Photoshop® CS5 Extended Discover new dimensions in digital imaging
Adobe Illustrator® CS5 Explore new paths with the essential vector tool
Adobe InDesign® CS5 Design professional layouts for print and digital publishing
Adobe Acrobat® 9 Pro Deliver revolutionary digital documents and accelerate information exchange with PDF
Adobe Flash® Catalyst™ CS5 Create expressive interfaces and interactive content without writing code
Adobe Flash Professional CS5 Create and deliver rich interactive content
Adobe Flash Builder™ 4 Develop cross-platform rich Internet applications
Adobe Dreamweaver® CS5 Design, develop, and maintain standards-based websites and applications
Adobe Fireworks® CS5 Rapidly prototype and design for any device
Adobe Contribute® CS5 Simplify website management
Adobe Premiere® Pro CS5 Bring high-performance editing to next-generation storytelling
Adobe After Effects® CS5 Create motion graphics and visual effects with the industry standard
Adobe Soundbooth® CS5 Create and edit audio with ease
Adobe OnLocation™ CS5 Shoot better and faster with powerful production tools
Adobe Encore® CS5 Deliver virtually anywhere

Adobe Creative Suite 5 Master Collection Student And Teacher Edition

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Kerry Kracht, US
Once again, please let me thank you for your prompt and attentive service. I look forward to working with your company in the future. Sincerely, Kerry Kracht
Janet, GB
Great product, had a problem initially downloading, emailed customer services, they responded within two hours giving me a detailed work list, it worked, I now have office 2010 and I am thrilled with it. I will certainly use this software store in the future. Thanks Guys.
Wayne, AU
The rating for Customer Support doesn't do the guys justice! I had a niggling problem with the installation and they supported me through the entire process. In the end they did a remote install - problem fixed! Very happy with the outstanding service they provided. Thanks again guys.